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We are regularly adding videos to our Reform and Ride YouTube channel.  Check them out today!

Our most recent video is CrossCore Lunge Variations.  CrossCore lunge variations strengthen your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, while improving your balance and coordination.

Older videos include:

  • Kneeling Arm Work.  Our studio manager, Danielle Kubat, is doing Kneeling Arm Work. This benefits your chest, hamstrings, inner thighs, shoulders, and core, while working on your coordination and balance. You will find this exercise in an intermediate level class: M.E.T or Revolutionary Reformer.
    Side Split Variation.  Side Split Variations strengthen the outer hip and inner thighs, improves balance and core stability, improves posture, and improves hip flexibility. The magic circle helps to improve upper body stability and engages the secondary power house.
  • Squat Swing, Round the Ugi, & Toe Touches. The Ugi is needed for these three exercises. When using the Ugi, you work on balance and stabilizing muscles. The Ugi makes working out fun because you tend to think less about the workout and more about the challenge!
  • Roll Back Variation.  This Roll Back Variation is a great warm up for all Pilates workouts. It helps in articulating the spine, strengthens the obliques, and it challenges the ability to align and maintain a centered spine.

See all of our videos at Reform and Ride YouTube channel.


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