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Group Fitness

We offer a variety of group fitness classes with different fitness goals.  For these sessions no experience is required and all fitness levels are welcome.  Our group fitness classes include:

Muscle Pump

This 60 minute class uses barbels to guild strength and develop muscle.

TBC, aka Total Body Circuit.

Circuit-based class for burning calories.  Timed circuits during this workout focus on cardio and strength training

Pilates Mat

Classically inspired Pilates mat workout to build your core and create lean, strong muscles.


CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training takes all the benefits of traditional bodyweight training exercises and adds instability, rotation and dynamic tension to challenge the user’s balance and core, while the patented unlocking and locking pulley system enables you to train your entire body in multiple planes of motion.

Stretch and Balance

A variety of tools and techniques you will improve functional balance and enhance flexibility in the class that everyone needs. Stretching benefits include:

  • increased joint range of motion
  • improved athletic performance
  • decreased risk of injury
  • greater blood flow to the muscle

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