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Reform and Ride offers both Classical and Contemporary based Pilates classes for all levels of experience.

Looking for REFORMER classes?  We have that.  CHAIR classes?  Yes, we do.  JUMP BOARD classes?  Of course.

Get it all at Reform & Ride!

We carry the best equipment available including:

  • Afina Reformers
  • Tower Units
  • MVE Chairs
  • Spine Correctors
  • Ladder Barrel
  • Ped-o-Pul

and a full array of Pilates props to help you get the most out of your workout.

Our Pilates equipment classes are limited to six participants

  • for the safety of our clients
  • to provide individualized feedback
  • to offer modifications/advancements

We suggest wearing close-fitting attire to our classes. Please contact the studio so we can recommend the appropriate Pilates level class.

New to Pilates? Beginners should start with Pilates 101. To learn more, visit our page about Pilates and its core principles.

Pilates Classes

Contemporary Reformer

Endless variety and props add a contemporary twist to this classic piece of Pilates equipment.  You will lengthen and strengthen your entire body through challenging and innovative movements that will transform not only your body but your mind.

Previous Pilates Reformer experience is required as this is an intermediate and above level class.

Beginners should start with the Pilates 101 series or private training.

Jump & Pump

Blast calories and sculpt your legs and butt with this modernized Pilates work out combining:

  • elements of cardio
  • strength training

Alternating the Pilates jump board with a variety of strength equipment including kettlebells and bosus®, you will jump and pump your way to a stronger, leaner body.

No experience required.

All levels welcome.


Working on a variety of Pilates equipment, you’re sure to challenge yourself in new ways.  M.E.T. aka Multi-Equipment Training focuses on:

  • core
  • balance
  • flexibility
  • endurance

This ever-changing, body sculpting hour will have you working with:

  • traditional Pilates equipment such as the Reformer and Cadillac
  • modern props such as the Pilatesstick™ and bosu®

No experience required.

All levels welcome.


Please contact us so we can recommend the appropriate Pilates level class. Beginners should start with the Pilates 101 series.

Pilates 101

Pilates 101 is an introductory series designed for first-time Pilates students.  In this class, you will:

  • become familiar with Pilates terminology
  • learn basic, foundational exercises using the Mat and Reformer
  • build core strength, flexibility, physical endurance and stability

Typically, you will be ready to move into Pilates 1 classes after 4-6 classes. 

No experience required.

Pilates 1Building on your foundational skills, this class will incorporate more challenging exercises using both the MAT and Reformer.  You will:

  • improve body alignment, pelvis stability, breathing, abdominal strength, flexibility
  • elongate muscles groups to enable quality and efficient movement

Pilates 1 is designed for students progressing from either Private Training or the Pilates 101 series.  

Instructor approval required to register for this class.  


Pilates 2This class is faster paced and keeps you moving. Keep your corset wrapped and your naval-to-spine as we move through challenging and effective routines.  Grow tall, and get ready to change your body.  Both MAT and Reformer will be incorporated.  In this class we will:

  • learn intermediate moves
  • practice with more fluidity

Pilates 2 is designed for students progressing from either Private Training or Pilates 1.  

Instructor approval required to register for this class.

Pilates 3Take your Pilates practice to the extreme in this demanding, high intensity class. With the addition of advanced exercises and incorporation of Pilates props your core won’t be the only muscle group shaking. 

  • a cardio element is introduced at this level as you move fluidly through this challenging sequence
  • both Mat and Reformer will be incorporated

Our Pilates classes require experience. Pilates 3 is designed for students progressing from either Private Training or Pilates 2.

Instructor approval required to register for this class.

Reformer & Chair

By combining the Reformer & Chair you get the best of both worlds. This workout offers a fun, unique and challenging way to build strength in the core, improve balance and increase muscle coordination and control for the entire body. This class is great for:

  • men and women used to “feeling the burn”
  • de-conditioned clients needing to develop basic strength, coordination and balance

No experience required.

We recommend this class for clients at any level of ability desiring a functional and athletic workout.


Tower of Power

This intense workout for all levels challenges the student to flow from one exercise to the next with the assistance and resistance of springs for an incredible fusion of ab-chiseling, total-body defining moves. The tower includes elements of the:

  • Reformer
  • Cadillac
  • Mat

While you lengthen, strengthen & stretch your entire body you will develop:

  • a rock solid core
  • lean, strong muscles

No experience required.

All levels welcome.



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