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In June of 2010 we went to Mexico for our annual Music Fest with friends. I shudder to look back at pictures of me from that trip-I had no idea how huge I was. I had an internal picture of how I looked and just avoided mirrors and cameras at all costs. My best guess is that I weighed over 210 lbs, I just refused to weigh myself and only wore clothes that I had that fit-a lot of sweats, leggings and men’s shirts.

Just before my birthday in November of that year my dear husband brought home a flyer from our gym about a “Fundamentals Pilates Class” starting. Pilates was something I had always wanted to try-just never did. I was not working out at all, and was feeling miserable, fat and old. I signed up and it was the best thing I ever did for myself! Six weeks later I could already feel the difference, my posture was better and I was feeling better about myself. I have to say my first class was rough-for those of you who take Pilates you will understand that the first time my instructor said “power up and off” I felt like Shamu on a beach! About the third class, when completely unable to do the “roll-up” my instructor looked at me and said, “If you still can’t do that by the end of this session of classes I will refund your money.” She had more confidence in me than I did! But it happened! I was proficient enough after 6 weeks to progress to Pilates I. After a couple of weeks I decided that if one class a week felt so good-how good would two classes feel? So I added a second class, and then a couple of months later a third “Tower” class. By the time our Mexico trip came around in 2011 I was already looking and feeling much better.

While in Mexico, unable to get my daily Diet Cokes, (they only served Pepsi) I decided to quit drinking all diet sodas. I have not had a soda since June of 2011. I do enjoy unsweetened iced tea and drink a lot of water.

Fast forward to Jan 2012. I weighed 193 lbs and even though I was looking and feeling better-I decided to kick it up-I had my metabolism tested, added weights to my workouts as well as cardio and took a long look at my diet. My husband and I love to cook and eat healthily. But my problem was enjoying too much wine every night. So I decided to give it up Monday-Thurs., and did my Happy Chardonnay dance every Friday night. And the weight started coming off, and I started getting smaller. By the time we went to Mexico in June of 2012, I weighed 165 lbs and wore a 2-pc bathing suit in front of my friends!!! Those who hadn’t seen me for a year were shocked and made comments like “where is the other half of you??”

Along the way I have had several interesting things change-I am no longer sea-sick. All of my life I have had motion sickness and I think having a stronger core has given me better stability therefore eliminating the problem. And, although I could sort of “2-step” dance, I could never “twirl” until this past June. Again, I believe that my stronger core has given me better balance-and I can now twirl!

I am continuing this life long journey, I have now added TRX training twice a week, I still take Pilates level II three times a week, and do about 40 minutes of cardio following every class. I have begun to love shopping and bought size 8 jeans!

Obviously I am not alone in my journey. I am still working with that trainer who convinced me I could learn the exercises or she would reimburse my class fee. Beverly Seitzinger has changed my life and I am forever grateful to her.


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